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We create strategies that help to effectively use digital channels to achieve the brand's business goals. We combine not only the strategic approach of experienced specialists, but also the tool knowledge of trainers.

We cooperate with the Digital Marketing Institute and universities

Socjomania consultants implementing strategic and audit projects are certified trainers of the Digital Marketing Institute and practitioners who use their knowledge on a daily basis in the processes of digitization of enterprises as well as in training and development projects.

We run certified courses in digital marketing as well as digital strategy and planning. Our consultants conduct classes at master's, postgraduate and MBA studies at leading Polish universities, incl. UW, UJ, ALK, AGH, WSE, WSB or SWPS.

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How do we work?

We design each process of preparing a strategy individually in relation to the client's needs and the type and / or scope of the strategy.

However, we like and value close cooperation and co-creating a strategy with clients. We work iteratively so that we can acquire the necessary knowledge about your company, customers and industry during the process.

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Get to know our expertise and offer in the field of planning and strategic consulting in 4 areas: innovation, marketing, sales and HR

We will prepare for ypu:

competition analysis

audit of previous activities

customer journey mapping

assessment of the product's potential

target group analysis

communication strategy 

crisis communication strategy

channel selection strategy


We will help you match the type of service to your needs and business goals.

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What might the process look like?

Needs analysis and process steps presentation

We always start the process of creating an offer with an analysis of needs. Defining the starting point is the basis of a good strategy.
At this stage, we need information about your business, communication situation, activities so far, plans, expectations and challenges. In the first conversation with us, you will also find out what the individual steps of the strategic process look like and at what point your involvement will be necessary.

Design path and detailed offer

Based on the information collected during the conversation and the initial analysis of the brand's activities in digital channels, we develop a detailed design path tailored to your needs.
The offer includes a description of the strategic process, the scope of our work, the distribution of the project over time and the price range.

Initial situation audit and analysis - internal and external digital audit

The basis of the digital strategy is the analysis of the company's activities and the competitive environment.

Before we start working on the strategy itself, we first conduct an audit of digital activities, during which we obtain and analyze data on:

  • brand,
  • product / service,
  • competition.

What exactly can include analysis of the initial situation:

  • SEM audit and technical analysis of the website,
  • website UX audit,
  • audit of social channels,
  • consumer journey mapping,
  • quantitative and qualitative analysis of mentions in each area,
  • brand communication analysis,
  • crisis situation analysis (communication, customer service)
  • competition analysis,
  • analysis of brand activities on the example of recent campaigns.

Defining strategic goals of digital communication

Based on the results of audits and analyzes, we define strategic (primary) goals for digital communication:

  • brand (image) goals,
  • marketing goals,
  • communication goals,
  • sales targets.

In the further part of the strategy, we will also specify specific goals for selected communication channels.

Digital persona (target group)

When developing digital personas (their number may vary from a few to a dozen), we start with the analysis of information about the current users of the brand / product. We develop this information based on the analysis of audit data as well as research and reports on consumer behavior and trends. The conclusions from this stage are the starting point for identifying a potential audience. What is particularly important in this step, however, is the in-depth work on existing data from unforced behaviors and user statements.

Digital persona is defined in terms of:

  • demographic and psychographic,
  • motivation, barriers and problems,
  • consumer behavior,
  • possible places of contact with the brand,
  • potential contexts for communication,
  • guidelines for directing activities,
  • the number of users with a given profile in digital channels,
  • meaning for business.

Strategy and tactics of reaching out

When creating the strategy of reaching out, we answer the questions of where and how the brand should be present in order to achieve the set goals.

At this stage, knowing the specifics of the target groups, we develop a detailed action strategy that includes the selection of digital tools, defining their role, specificity of communication, tactics of actions and specific goals for a given channel.

In complex strategies, we also develop communication lines in which we define the style, language of communication, tonality and forms of content.

Methods of measuring effectiveness

One of the key elements of the strategy is to define how to measure the achievement of the assumed goals. Therefore, in this part of the strategy:

  • we define a list of meters with their description and application tips,
  • we suggest the frequency of taking such measurements,
  • we recommend tools.

Budget and implementation plan

In the last stage, we develop an estimated budget and an implementation plan for the entire strategy. The budget, depending on the specifics of the project, may be:

  • flexible - we prepare a budget based on previously set goals,
  • with restrictions - taking into account the available funds, we recommend the level of expenses optimizing your budget.

In the strategy implementation plan we have prepared:

  • we define the milestones needed to start activities,
  • we define the roles of key partners in the process,
  • we develop a diagram of individual steps and moments of iteration.

Let's create a digital strategy perfect for your company

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