The intense learning experience tailored to your company needs and shows you how to spend better your away days

One day we decided to share a new value
with our customers

digital experience for your team

Each winter and summer we all are going into few days intense learning-integrating experience in the most beautiful places in Poland. We are sharing our knowledge with each other, designing Sojcomania's future and learning how to work together.

This time we would like to invite you to design the same experience in Your Company. Let's experience the innovative process of thinking about your company's future, creating new value and culture between teams. 

Check how we spent the previous, internal #DigitalSprints

What looks our #DigitalSprint?

Design Your Experience

We will ask you for the most crucial problems, topics and ideas do develop to fully personalise your company trip. 

We strongly believe in Einstein's motto that „Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.

Go into Wild

We will choose with you the best location for your trip - somewhere hidden in mountains or neach to the sandy polish beaches. There is only one rule - no daily-work, no daily-life and no daily-responsibilities. You and your team have to fully immerse into new experiences.

Meet Edutainment Approach

We will introduce you to new approach to learning process - when the most important are your experiences and new discoveries. We will follow the service design mindset to open your team for new possibilities and generate crazy ideas to develop later.

Get New Knowledge

Learn by doing and listening to selected experts carefully selected for your event. We are specialised in digital business talks to inspire and teach your team, 

Create and Innovate

The biggest challenge for 3-days course is to be a part of an innovative process designed by your team. You will be following the service design methods and tools to generate innovations and start discussions how you change your company or ... dirupt all industry.

Be Together

You can't do this alone. You need your crew and fully devotion to spend together this 3-days experience. We will take care of your connection with other teammates and try to get you better.

Ready for The Next Steps

For us it is always just beginning. You will come back from this experience with new ideas, questions and knowledge to distribute in industry. We hope that it won't be our last meeting. We are ready to help you with implementing new solutions inside company.

If you want to experience...

flow with your team


digital spirit

process of innovation


We can design it for you. Let's change your company Away Day or Development Solutions for one idea - #DigitalSprint 

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